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Sella Italia

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  • Ellipse


Finding the right saddle can be a daunting task.   However, getting it right is probably the most important fit parameter on the bike. Getting it right will increase performance and comfort. You will be able to ride longer and faster.

Bike riders come in all shapes, sizes and weights.  In addition, we all use the bike differently.  All these parameters affect the saddle choice.  This makes saddle selection very difficult and personal.   Most of us that work here at Spokesman Cycles have spend over a decade ridding our bikes. And after all those thousands of miles, We've found out that the best way to choose a saddle is to actually Ride the saddle.   Not once or twice, but several times mimicking our "normal ride".  For some it will be a five mile commute. For others it could be a century ride.  Either way putting your ischial tuberosity on the saddle is the way to go.  


Buying a saddle to try it out can get to be a very time consuming and costly.  Modern racing saddles can range from  $150 to $300 Dollars.  Not a good way to invest your hard earn money.  This is why we have a test saddle program.  

Here is how it works.  For a nominal security deposit ( Smaller than the cost of most of our test Saddles). You may Borrow any of the Test Saddles in our Library.  It Currently includes several models from all the most popular brands (Fizik, Sella Italia, Brooks, Fabric, Selle Royal, SMP, WTB and Specialized).  You may keep one saddle out as long as you want.  You may switch saddles as often as you like.  Once you've made your choice,  Simply return the saddle. If you opt to buy the saddle from us, there will be no cost to you.  

You may reserve a saddle by filling out the form to the right, or simply drop by one of our stores.

Happy Riding