Minimum Labor Charge          $5.00

Tube or Tire installation          $8.00

Cable installation                    $10.00

Accessory installation           $10.00 and up

Wrap Handlebars                   $12.00

Component Installation         $15.00 and up

Wheel True                              $15.00 and up

Headset Installation                $30.00

Fork Installation                       $30.00

Bottom Bracket Installation    $30.00

Drive Train Clean                     $35.00

Wheel Build                              $40.00

Hourly Labor Rate                   $60.00 per Hour

Bike Assembly from box         $69.99 and up

Bike Assembly from frame     $150.00 and up

Tune ups

Frame repair

Repairs is were we excel.  With the largest inventory of spare parts and with the most experience mechanic staff ( most of our mechanics have over twenty years of experience), there is nothing we can't tackle.  

  • Di2
  • Broken frames
  • internal gear bikes
  • Belt Drive
  • E-Bike